Secretive Thing 11
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Secretive Thing seeks to challenge the politics of space and performance. Using the means of Performance and Installations, Secretive Thing aims to gift experiences which are unique, spectacular and most importantly, personal. We want to transform the mundane into surreal sensory spectacles which are not anticipated by audiences, that each moment of the way the audience is always waiting for the next surprise and the next twist in the plot.

Secretive Thing was conceptualized in 2017 when 2 like-minded individuals, Lemon and Koko, came together and transformed rooms into art spaces juxtaposing the audience’s initial preconceived notions of the infamous love hotel’s location and space. The audience’s journey of discovery disrupted the politics of space, using creativity to reframe the everyday. This first iteration became the genesis for more work to come.

Secretive Thing uses the scaffold of existing structures and employs these pre-existing elements to propel experiences, transforming the audience’s perception of a familiar spaces and inducing a sense of wonder by introducing surreal dream like elements.

Play is also an essential element to us, audiences who become involved in Secretive Thing are always given agency to interact with elements within the experience and it creates the space for play, however it is always the audience member that dictates how much they will pull from these experiences.

Each Secretive Thing experience created by Lemon and Koko will always seek to push the boundaries of what is possible and to always involve an element of fun and the unknown.

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